Discover Europe!

Explore the World and Beyond!

Notebooking packet to explore the geographical countries and nations of Europe.

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Discover Europe! includes:

  • * A 7 page Resource and Instruction Guide to help you get started. It's packed full of helpful suggestions, recommended resources and directions for printing and organizing the PDF printables.
  • * A file containing 46 beautifully designed, blank notebooking pages for each country in geographical Europe.
  • * A file containing 46 blackline maps for each country in geographical Europe.
  • * An option to print all notebooking pages and maps in one big book all at once.
  • * A coversheet, and geographical Europe maps (color & blackline).

Notebooking pages have the following features:

  • * The country's known name, plus the official name.
  • * A small thumbnail map showing where the country is in the world.
  • * A spot to write in the surrounding countries.
  • * The country's flag to color.
  • * A sample of a sentence written in the most commonly used language of the country, and an area to write in what the language is.
  • * An area to paste in photos of the people and what they wear (find these by using Google image search, Wikipedia, Flickr, and other sources. Photos are not included.
  • * Places to record population, capital city, terrain, government, currency, major religion(s), industry, agriculture, landmarks, and whether or not the country is at war or peace. (All but 3 of these will be filled in on the mostly-filled-in sheets).
  • * A box to list interesting things about the culture, cuisine, or other interesting facts.
  • * Finally, there is a spot to list the page number, and the region the country is located in Europe.

Flexibility and thoroughness:

You can choose to print one country at a time as needed, or print everything in one big 'book.' You might decide to visit the countries alphabetically or by region. It's a very flexible packet that gives you great 'bones' for a wonderful year spent exploring the entire geographical continent of Europe.

Customers can check my website for free updates to any files (such as when a country splits or changes their flag).

Visit my blog at Very Mom for free samples, photos of how we set up our homeschooling notebooks, and more.

Happy travels!

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